You’ve taken months to find the right dress…The invitations were perfect. Your table settings reflect how unique and artistic you are. You even made sure to include vegan and gluten free menu options for the fussy guests. But did you manage to find the perfect shoes?

Where Do I Even Begin?

Just like shopping for a dress, shoe shopping can be a daunting task. Depending on your personal flair, designers like Vivienne Westwood or Betsey Johnson are worth investigating. They offer selections ranging from chunky bright platforms to printed strappy stilettos. Maybe you have a thing for zebra print. How about bejeweled bows on the toes? When it comes to expressing your personal style, your wedding shoes are no exception.

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If The Shoe Fits

The choice of your wedding shoe is truly important; your shoes have the ability to turn your special day into a nightmare if you don’t take a few things into consideration. First, sizing and style is key. Let’s say you typically wear kitten heels but feel like branching out into the territory of 4” heels. Your wedding day is not the day to do that!



Custom-Converse-Wedding-Groom-Personalised-Converse-by-Dead-Fresh-13-UK-0-1    Bride-Wedding-Converse-by-Dead-Fresh-0-2

Vivienne Westwood & Melissa Women’s Vw Queen 15 Open-Toe Pumps

Vivienne Westwood enhances Melissa’s newest peep-toe flat, adding her unmistakeable heart adornment at the toe. Here in Pearl Red, with the stylish pearlescent effect on the main body of the shoe, and Orb logo pin on the contrasting red collar.

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